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Yarns and wools to start knitting 

Knitting is one of the best activities ever (we're not objective, but we know you agree with us !). It allows to clear the head and to relax, while stimulating our brain. We quickly become addicted to it! But when we start knitting, we always wonder where to start. That's why today, in this article, we are going to guide you to find the ideal wool to start knitting ! 

The first tests

Before you embark on your first knitting project, we strongly recommend that you experiment with acrylic wool. You can learn how to set up your stitches and perform the first basic knitting stitches, such as the moss stitch or stockinette stitch, with synthetic wool. Yarns and wools made of synthetic materials such as acrylic are inexpensive and therefore perfectly suited to start knitting. In fact, when you are learning, you may often undo and redo your stitches, rectify your mistakes and, consequently, ruin your yarn.

To knit your first stitches and rows, we recommend the following balls: 

The first project 

Once you know how to cast on your stitches and have mastered the basic knitting stitches, it's time to get started on your first project ! To begin, we recommend the ALPINA 6 and CANADA balls from Lammy Yarns. These balls are a real pleasure for beginners thanks to their unbeatable quality-price ratio ! In addition, their thick yarn glides perfectly on the needles. Made of wool and acrylic, these balls offer a wide choice of colors. 

The first project according to the season

For a first winter project with natural yarn, it may be interesting to knit in 100% wool. For this, we highly recommend the PURE LAINE 8 ball from Textiles de la Marque. It can be knitted in needle size 8 or 9.

For a summer project in natural yarn, we recommend using cotton and more specifically, for beginners, the COTTON 5 ball from Lammy Yarns. It can be knitted with 5 needles or with 6 needles, for the less initiated among you.

Mistakes to avoid

When starting out, there are a few things to avoid. First of all, you should not use needles smaller than size 5. It is even recommended for beginners to always use a needle size larger than the one indicated on the label of the ball. 

Secondly, we do not recommend using fancy yarns, such as glittery, fluffy or hairy yarns. Indeed, these are more difficult to handle, which may complicate your learning to knit.

Finally, as you may have understood, we recommend not to knit expensive wools or noble yarns for a first project in order to avoid damaging it and therefore ruining it.


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See you soon, for new knitting tips, with La Lainière de Wazemmes !
Written by Pia on Wednesday 22 March 2023 à 10:26, in Advice .

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