La Lainière de Wazemmes

Kartopu Wool

Find everything about balls of wool from Kartopu brand, founded in 1952. It exports its yarns and balls of wool worldwide. The Kartopu wool products both natural and synthetic fibres. Thus, you will find cotton, mohair, polyamide or other combined fibres.



Kartopu balls of wool

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16 available options

BASAK - Wool & Acrylic - Kartopu

16 available options

Price : 2,50 

5 available options

GIPSY - Acrylic Wool - Kartopu

5 available options

Price : 3,00 

9 available options

MANGO WOOL - Acrylic - Kartopu

9 available options

Price : 3,60 

The family adventure of La Lainière de Wazemmes started more than 30 years ago, in Lille. Its first goal is to offer quality yarns and wool at the most affordable price all along the year. You will surely find your happiness thanks to a wide range of yarns and wools to knit, to crochet, of every colour !