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Our advice for the care of yarns and wools

Knitting enthusiasts, as you surely know, there are several types of yarns and wools and they are not all maintained in the same way.Today, in this article, we reveal all our secrets and tips to maintain the fibers of your wool projects.

Synthetic wools: polyester, acrylic, polyamide,...

First of all, synthetic wools are not wools that are particularly weakened by the passage in washing machine.They often hold up very well unlike the so-called "noble" wools like alpaca or cashmere. Thus, to maintain your works in synthetic materials, you can opt for the washing machine at 30°C maximum or in program Wool. However, we strongly advise against using the dryer ! This will considerably damage the appearance of the fibers. Similarly, it is not recommended to iron your creations, whether they are made of natural or synthetic fibers.

The noble wools: alpaca, cashmere, mohair, merino,...

As for the noble wools, they are much more fragile. It is therefore advisable not to put them in the washing machine. It is preferable to clean by hand. As for the synthetic materials, the use of the tumble dryer as well as the iron is not recommended not to damage your clothes.

However, some of our balls made of noble materials can be maintained without problem in machine ! This is the case with the CASHWOOL or the MALMEDY. But be careful, always at 30°C maximum or in wool program if your machine has it.

Did you know that? You can also find all our maintenance tips directly on the product sheets! Indeed, for the majority of our references on our website, we have provided our specific recommendations.

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Written by Pia on Wednesday 08 March 2023 à 10:14, in Advice .

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