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Alpaca Wool

Here is the integrality of our balls of wool exclusively or partially composed of alpaca. Alpaca is a natural fibre coming from alpacas fleece living in South America, more particularly in Peru. 



Alpaca balls of wool

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Well-known for its lightness and its resistance, the alpaca wool can be used all season even though it’s especially regarded in winter thanks to the warmth it gives. The alpaca wool is really qualitative and can, thus, be worn directly on the skin. It’s possible to create all types of projects.

The family adventure of La Lainière de Wazemmes started more than 30 years ago, in Lille. Its first goal is to offer quality yarns and wool at the most affordable all along the year. You will surely find your happiness thanks to a wide range of yarns and wools to knit, to crochet, of every colour !