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What to do with a single ball of wool ?

If you're a knitting and/or crochet enthusiasts, you know that it is often difficult to calculate in advance the number of balls you will need to complete a project. It is not so rare to find yourself with an orphaned ball, without knowing what to do with it! No need to put away your needles because, through this article, we will give you some tips and ideas for knitting or crochet projects to make with just one ball of wool.

Take your first steps in knitting or crochet

You probably suspect it, but you don't become an expert at knitting or crocheting overnight! If you are new to the art of knitting/crocheting and want to start your first project, start with projects that are easy to make with just one ball of yarn. You will be able to practice casting on your stitches and perfect your technique. Better a small successful work than a big failed piece! To find out which wool is most appropriate for a first project or which needles to use, we invite you to read our article on yarns and wools to start knitting. Starting to knit or crochet with just one ball of yarn seems like a good way to avoid losing hope at the first obstacle encountered. Then, you are free to use 2, 3, 4 balls and more to create larger knits. 

Knitting or crocheting accessories

Les classiques mitaines et headband

With a ball of yarn, you can make a headband. It has become one of the most popular accessories of the winter season and is very easy to make. Along with the headband, there are mittens. The duo that keeps you warm and that requires only 2 balls (1 for the headband, 1 for the mittens)! Moreover, at La Lainière de Wazemmes, we offer you a kit to make a headband and mittens with the CASHWOOL ball, a very soft, high quality wool yarn.

A hat to keep your ears warm !

Keeping with the winter theme, another DIY (Do It Yourself) to make with your remaining threads and wool is the hat. So, with most of our wool references available on our website, you can complete this project with just one ball. If you are a fan of synthetic materials, there is the RAPIDO from the Annell brand and its sixty colors available. You will also find what you are looking for with CANADA from the Lammy Yarns brand which combines wool and acrylic to perfection. Otherwise, if you prefer more noble materials, the MALMEDY from Annell in 100% merino wool also allows you to make a hat with a single ball. Furthermore, at La Lainière de Wazemmes, we also offer a knitting hat kit with only 2 balls of ALPASOFT and a detailed technical sheet.

And finally, with a ball, you can make a DIY dishcloth. These are small knitted or crocheted squares that can act as a sponge or dishcloth for washing dishes, wiping or cleaning like a tea towel or rag for example. To carry out this type of project, we often opt for cotton yarns such as the RIO or RIO 4 ball from the Lammy Yarns brand. These balls offer mercerized cotton, certified by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 label and available in a very wide range of colors.

A scarf or a shawl

Depending on the wool and its yardage, you can also make a scarf using a single ball. Indeed, in our store, for example, we sell the HAPPY COLORS from the Lammy Yarns brand which allows you to make a baby vest, a scarf or even a shawl with just one ball.

And, in general, don't hesitate to decorate your DIY works with jewelry, beads or even chains to make them even more unique!

Cute pompoms 

You can also knit small pompoms to add to your scarves, hats, baskets, homemade cushions or simply to use as key rings. Pompoms can be used as decoration for certain everyday objects and bring color to your daily life. There are more than one tutorial and many patterns on the Internet, you should have no trouble finding the perfect project.

With a single ball of wool, it is also possible to make a patchwork blanket by assembling small squares of wool or different fabrics. Nothing better to bring color and a little originality to your interior!

Despite all our advice, you still have no idea what you can achieve with your orphan balls? They can also be used to make socks or to do a good deed by donating them to a charity.

Knitting or crocheting for babies

Infants are little beings and anything that appeals to them doesn't require a lot of balls to knit or crochet! So, when you only have one ball left, why not knit baby clothes? Blanket, soft slippers, bib, vest, etc. There are many project ideas. However, we would like to draw your attention to the composition of your ball of wool. The fabric used must be respectful of babies' sensitive skin. For baby clothes, you should therefore avoid irritating fabrics and fibers like Mohair and favor a blend of wool and synthetics like NEW RUNNING or SUPER EXTRA. In 100% Acrylic, we also have the RAPIDO FINE which offers a very soft yarn certified without harmful substances by the Oeko-Tex® label. Once again, you can rely on models or patterns found on the Internet or in knitting/crochet catalogs.

For example, you can make little stuffed animals and cuddly toys, perfect companions for our children, grandchildren, nephews, etc. You can also knit cute little slippers.

At Lainière de Wazemmes, we have made custom kits to meet the needs of babies during the winter such as the blanket kit or the vest kit.

Want to start your own project? Find all our yarns and wools ! 


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Written by Pia on Monday 28 March 2022 à 15:37, in Advice .

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