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What to do with our wool scraps ?

When you have a passion for knitting or crocheting and you regularly make beautiful works, you are sure to accumulate wool scraps (you know it as well as we do !). However, it is sometimes difficult to use them because there is often not enough to start another project...a real headache ! So if, like us, you don't like waste, this article is for you! Here are our ideas and tips on how to make the most of all your wool scraps ! 

Winter accessories

First of all, the few meters of yarn you have left in a ball of yarn can be used to create accessories to keep you warm in winter ! Mittens, headbands, hats,... and many more ! You can knit them with several different wools to have a colorful style or stay in the sobriety, it's up to you ! For these accessories, it is recommended to use wool scraps that are quite qualitative and especially warm! Pure wool, cashmere or even alpaca scraps are ideal.

Green accessories

Then, your wool scraps can be used to create reusable and eco-friendly household/hygiene accessories such as dishcloths, washcloths or make-up removal pads. These accessories are a real ecological boost that fights against this society of overconsumption. You just have to wash them at 30°C in the washing machine after each use and it's done ! To knit or crochet them, we advise you to first use your wool scraps made of cotton but it is also possible to use synthetic wool scraps like acrylic for example ! 

Decorative accessories 

It is also possible to create decorative accessories with your yarn and wool scraps ! Key chains, a mobile for a baby, garlands, pretty ends for your cushions or cute little pompons ! By the way, when it comes to pompoms, you won't need much wool to make them. You can make them in all colors and sizes ! To create them, you will need a template or even a pom-pom kit for the less experienced among you. 

Why not do a good deed ?

If you can't or don't want to use your wool scraps to create other projects, you can donate them. Either you decide to donate the scraps to be recycled and transformed as Emmaus does for example, or you can donate them to be used in manual activities. Retirement homes, nursery/primary schools or even leisure centers would be delighted to use these scraps for their various creative workshops.

You can also make good use of these wool scraps by practicing the different types of knitting stitches !


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Written by Pia on Saturday 05 February 2022 à 10:24, in Advice .

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