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Set of 3 wool needles with nylon eye - Prym

Price : 2,80 

Needle(s) : Others

Material(s) : Aluminum and Nylon


The set of 3 wool needles with nylon eye is ideal for embroidering or sewing woollen garments. The needles, available in various sizes, are made of blue, red and green anodized aluminum and feature a nylon loop for easy threading, instead of the classic eye. The nylon eye is flexible and allows wool needles to glide easily through the stitches of your work. What's more, the rounded point of these wool needles protects and preserves the wool fibers. Their light weight and ergonomic design make them easy to hold.


This set of 3 wool needles with nylon eye contains a large 3.3 x 85 mm needle, a medium 2.8 x 70 mm needle and a small 2.3 x 60 mm needle.

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