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Plastic needles

Discover here all our plastic knitting needles. Plastic needles straight or circular, classic or ergonomic, single or double point, from 20 to 80 cm long. Choose from plastic knitting needles, from size 3 to size 25 !





All plastic needles

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16 available options

Circular needles 80 cm - Prym

16 available options

Price : 7,80 9,50 

11 available options

Ergonomic knitting needles - Prym

11 available options

Price : 6,00 7,80 

1 available option

Lila Circular Stripe Needle Set 4-10mm - Prym

Price : 70,00 

14 available options

Set of 20 cm double pointed needles - Prym

14 available options

Price : 7,80 9,00 

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