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Welcome to La Lainière de Wazemmes ! Find here our products to knit and crochet all your projects. You are bound to find your happiness among our thousands articles, from balls of yarn to needles, by way of crochet hooks.



New Wool

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6/4 - 100% New wool - Textiles de la Marque

Price : 1,50 

13 available options

LANA - 100% Blank wool - Textiles de la Marque

13 available options

Price : 2,50 

12 available options

RENEW WOOL - New wool and Recycled wool - Fibra Natura

12 available options

Price : 4,50 

26 available options

STROMPEGARN - Wool and Polyamide - Lammy

26 available options

Price : 2,60 

La Lainière de Wazemmes is a family adventure which started at Lille, more than 30 years ago. Skilled by experience, its mission is to offer you quality yarn and wools, at the fairest price, for the whole year. You will find here cheap wools, from classic yarn to the noblest ones. Find your happiness among many thousands references, for knitting and for crochet as well, and a wide range of choice of colours for all your projects.